Token exchange of sports team statistics.
Changing the betting industry

Explore a new world of fair play at sports events.
While buying tokens of sports teams,
you can earn on their performance.

Project token STEMX:

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Contract: (BEP-20)
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The conversion price after the project launch:
≥ $0,2
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More than or equal to $ 0.2 is the cost of the token, at which it will be possible to convert it inside the STEM exchange after its launch. The planned launch date is the 3rd quarter of 2022.
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| STEM - Token exchange of sports team statistics.
On the STEM exchange, each sports club has a personal token, which has its own value. The price of these tokens is determined by such indicators as: the statistics of the team's game, the world ranking, the position in the standings, the cost of the club's players, and others.
Depending on the change in these indicators, the price of tokens changes. Users can earn from the growth or decline in the price of these assets by tracking changes in team performance.
STEM is creating a new class of financial assets for sports teams that will revolutionize the betting world.
| Problems of the sports betting market
High probability to lose money every time placing bets
Deception and fraud from bookmakers.
Negative attitudes towards bookmakers by the community.
More than 90% of people lose in the long distance.
They can block accounts, change coefficients, sponsor false match predictions.
More than 30% of CIS residents consider playing with bookmakers as an addiction, an illegal and criminal one.
| Advantages of the project STEM
There's no risk of losing the entire deposit if your game forecast didn't come true.
The cost of the team tokens in a bad match will minor change and may grow back later.

Clear and transparent mechanism for estimation the value of tokens. The predictability of price change over time. All these creates high probability to generate income.
Perception of yourself as a trader and an analyst of sporting events. Community will admire your expertise.
Save time for information and news searching.
All necessary information, news and live broadcasts will be on our platform.

Referral reward system.
Possibility to get additional revenue from each user who joins the exchange through your code
Full security of your assets.
All transactions within the STEM Exchange pass through blockchain, which guarantees the security and integrity of trade.
Making money in the long run
No negative attitudes.
| Project roadmap

Q4 2020

•The foundation of the STEM project, the development of the project ecosystem pillars.

Q1 2021

• The market analysis was carried out. Project team creation. The first dialogue with investors.

• MVP Product Logic and Development Start

Q2 2021

• Completion of the MVP demo and testing.

• Preparation for ICO and search for early investors (common objective of the investment round 400 000$)

Q3 2021

• Creating a STEMX token and listing on the exchange.

• Start ICO.

• Conducting marketing campaigns.

• Start of STEM pilot development.

• Completion of the first stage of the ICO and the beginning of the second stage.

Q4 2021

• Token listing on exchanges.

• Continue STEM development & extend the team for STEM launch.
(Project management, recruitment, improving STEM functionality)

Q1 2022

• Launching a working version of STEM

• Preparations for the second investment round (1 000 000 $)

Q2 2022

• Completion of the second investment round. Active stage of development
Q3 2022

• The first 150,000 active users. Solvency point.

| Tokenomics

Investments and ICO
(Public and private sales)
(Reserve Fund)
(Ensuring the liquidity of the token)
(Distribution among the team)
Development Fund.
(Development fund for the entire time)
Traded on
| Token utility
1 token = 2 applications
STEMX is a service token that serves as an internal currency on the STEM exchange, and it can also be exchanged for fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies within STEM, or through partner exchanges
All STEM events are subject to a minimum commission. This fee goes to the remuneration pools, which are intended to be drawn by the most active users.
Gamification + NFT
STEM provides a tiered loyalty system that increases the potential income for the user. Achieving higher levels on the platform will open exclusive NFT, providing access to the closed events and special features, as well as additional earning opportunities
STEM governance model is harbinger of the ultimate decentralization. No one feels left behind or without a voice at STEM ecosystem. Collecting $STEMX tokens will allow our users to bring changes to the future improvements of the platforms
| Review of the test demo model of the project
So far, a demonstration simplified model of the project has been developed. It is used for detailed study of the project for all potential investors and future users. You can view the project by clicking on the button below.
| Project documents
| Promo page of the exchange
You can see the STEM Exchange Project Promo Page. You may find there some other answers and details how the Exchange works.
| Our Team

Pavel Kozichev

Yuliya Maher

Alexei Savostyuk
(Project Manager)

Yurii Jidko
(Product Manager)

Eduard Latsevich
(Front-end developer)
Software Development Partner
Alexander Samusevich
| Contacts

Do you have any questions? Ask it to us,,,
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(ii) issuing and trading service tokens via waves. exchange;